Use Your 5 Senses to Notice Common Household Problems!

    Your home is good at communicating with you when there is an issue. Your five senses can help you notice when something is going wrong with your home. Avoid long term issues by paying attention to what your Plainfield home is telling you! Follow these tips to identify pesky household problems and ways to fix them!


    Your tap water tastes funny. You pour yourself a glass of water and notice a funny taste. Depending on how the water tastes, there are different causes to it. A metallic taste is caused from your pipes leaching iron or cooper. A chlorine taste is caused from an overdoes of disinfectant from your water supplier. There are a couple of solutions to these problems. To fix the issue, flush your system or hire a plumber. If the issue continues, you should call your water supplier to test your water. Install a permanent water purifier with a high quality activated carbon filter.


    The exterior paint on your home is peeling. The paint on the outside of your home is likely peeling due to trapped moisture. The cause of the moisture could be coming from inside your home, such as a steamy bathroom, or from outside, such as leaking gutters. Although this might seem like a cosmetic issue it could lead to something more serious. Try to tackle this problem as soon as possible to avoid rot in the siding! To fix these issues, try to remove moisture from the source. Then remove the loose paint and repaint the area.

    Your lights flicker or dim. Flickering lights could mean something dangerous! It could be cased by “arcing”, which means power is jumping due to loose electrical connections. This can cause a fire in your home. If your lights dim when you turn on an appliance in your home, it is likely that a circuit is overloaded. To fix these either of these issues, call a licensed electrician.

    Your toilet tank refills on its own. The toilet is refilling because there are worn interior parts causing leaks. This causes the water level to lower, activating the toilet’s refill mechanism. To fix this issue, loosen or untangle the chain. If the chain is not the issue, bend the tube connected to the float ball. If that still doesn’t work, replace the flapper and valve inside the tank.


    You hear loud knocking. There can be different sources for the loud knocking noise in your household. Loud knocking when you turn off the faucet means that your pipes are missing an air chamber to cushion the water. Loud knocking from the furnace means that temperature changes are causing the metal ducts to expand or contract. To fix the water issue, call a plumber to have an air chamber installed. Nothing needs to be done for the furnace issue as it is natural for the ducts to expand and contract!

    You hear rustling in the wall. The rustling is likely coming from carpenter ants or termites. Put your ear up against the wall and tap your hand against it. If it sounds like cellophane being crinkled, there are carpenter ants. If you hear rustling, it is termites. To fix these issues, call a professional pest-control service.

    You hear creaking and groaning. As the temperature or humidity in your home changes, parts of your home expand and contract causing creaks and groans. Nothing really needs to be done for this issue as these noises are natural. To fix the nuisance of creaky floors, dust talcum powder between floorboards.


    Your floors tremble. When you walk by, your decor starts to shake or the floor feels like it gives a little under your weight. The is an issue with your floor joists. Call a structural engineer or experienced contractor to fix the joists or add better supports to your home.


    You smell rotten eggs when you run your water. The sulfur smell is caused by bacteria in the drain or water heater. Determine where the smell is coming from by filling a glass with hot water and stepping away from the sink. If you don’t smell sulfur, the issue is in your drain. If you do, your water heater has bacteria in it. To fix the drain issue, pour 3% hydrogen peroxide solution down the drain. Then add baking soda to the drain 20 minutes later. To fix the water heater issue, you will need to call a plumber.

    Your home smells musty. That musty smell is being caused by mildew. This smell often occurs in rooms where moisture is a major factor, such as basements or bathrooms. Mildew in your home is unhealthy for you and your family. To fix this issue, keep surfaces dry. Air moving through your home with a fan or a dehumidifier can help reduce moisture.

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