Top Tips For Making a Strong Offer!

    You found your dream home in Plainfield! It fits all of your family’s need and it is at the right price point. Now it’s time to make an offer to make sure that you can call this property home! With a competitive market, it is important to make a strong offer to ensure that the home is yours. Here are four tips for making the best offer!


    • Know what you can afford.


    It is important when you start your house hunt to know what your realistic budget is. Check out our helpful Home Finance Information to learn more about available loans. Already being approved for a mortgage when you go to make an offer tells the seller that you are serious about buying and allows you to feel confident that you can afford the home.

    1.Don’t delay.

    Once you find the perfect home, do not wait to make an offer. The Existing Home Sales Report shows that buyer demand is currently higher than the amount of homes on the market. This results in increased competition.  Be prepared to make the offer quickly so you do not miss out on the home you want.

    2.Be smart with your offer.


    Work with an experienced realtor to make a strong offer for the home. Your agent can let you know what other houses are going for in the neighborhood, what you can afford, and what is reasonable based on the condition of the home. There are also ways that you can make your offer stand out from other buyers. Consider writing a personal letter to the sellers explaining why you love their home so much and are looking forward to calling it your own.



    You will likely receive a counteroffer from the seller. Be ready to negotiate selling price and closing date after you place your offer. It is also important for you to get a home inspection completed. This allows you to present any issues to the seller to assist you in the negotiation process as well as know if there are any serious issues that should cause you to walk away.

    Working with Plainfield’s Top Realtor when you make an offer on a home can ensure that your dreams become a reality. Angie Faron is there to assist you throughout the home buying process.

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