January Home Maintenance Tips!

    The cold winter months are upon us. More time is spent indoors to keep out of the snow and the freezing temperatures. It’s the perfect time to handle those home maintenance tasks to ensure your family stays warm and cozy all winter long in your Plainfield area home. Not sure where to start? Follow these simple tips for home maintenance this January!

    Time to declutter. More stuff gets accumulated in our home’s after the holidays. You’ve probably already packed up all of your holiday decor but now it’s time to tackle everything else in the house. Spend a little bit of time everyday going through your home and determining the things that you do not use. If it isn’t something that you love or have used in the recent past, consider donating or recycling it. Clean out drawers, closets, the basement, and other storage areas.

    Do a deep clean. There are many hidden places in your home that have been accumulating dirt throughout the year. Spend some time tackling those places to freshen up your home. Clean behind, inside, and underneath your dishwasher and oven as well as the range hood and refrigerator coils. Get rid of dust on ceiling fans, light fixtures, HVAC vents, and any other spots that you might have missed around the house. Lots of dirt can be tracked into your home from snow and slush so deep clean your hardwood and carpeted floors. Add some mats or rugs to heavily trafficked areas to avoid having to continually clean.

    Shine and tighten hardware. Give some love to the overlooked hardware in your home. Wash metal hardware with soapy water before shining it up. Tighten anything that is loose, from cabinet pulls to doorknobs and hinges.

    Protect your pipes. Frozen pipes can lead to expensive damage in your home. When a pipe gets too cold it risks the chance of bursting, leading to flooding in your home. Make sure to inspect all exposed pipes in your home. If you find a frozen pipe, use a hairdryer or heating pad to warm it up. For a longer term solution, wrap the pipe in heat tape. It is also important to ensure that you have turned off the water to any outdoor faucets.

    Look for storm damage. Winter storms happen all the time in our area. After the storm passes, be sure to inspect area’s of your home for ice, snow, and wind damage. The most important areas to check are your home’s gutters, roof, and siding. If you notice any issues, try to have them repaired immediately. Call a professional to ensure that the job is done correctly so you won’t continue to have issues throughout the season.

    Add some nature. The landscape might be bleak outside right now but it can feel like spring in your home! You can start planting flowers and vegetables in your home in a container garden. This will add some beautiful greens to your space and have you ready for gardening in the warmer months. You can plant the seeds outside six weeks before the last frost of the season.

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