Get Your Plainfield Home Ready For The Holidays!

    Do you hear those jingle bells in the air?! Christmas is this weekend! It’s time for festive cheer, delicious food, presents, and spending time with family and friends. There is much to do before the big day. If you are hosting the holidays at your Plainfield home this weekend, don’t stress! There are easy things you can do to prepare your home for your guests and alleviate stress this Christmas. Follow these simple tips to have your home ready for all the festivities!

    Clear the clutter. Your home is about to be filled with people, gifts, and more. Make sure that there is plenty of room for everything by decluttering! Go through your home and determine the spaces that will be regularly used by your guests. Pack away the items in these rooms that will not be needed during the holiday. Keep these items out of sight in storage, whether the basement, attic, or spare room. With the cold Illinois weather, make sure you have space for everyone’s winter gear and any other items they might bring with them.

    Make it sparkly clean. Do not stress thinking that your home has to be absolutely spotless before guests arrive. Focus on rooms that will be used most frequently and clean those first. Make sure that you dust, sweep, vacuum, and any other simple cleaning you can do to spiff it up. As long as you clean the areas and surfaces that will be regularly seen and used, your guests will be able to focus on the beautiful holiday decorations in your home. Before guests arrive, do some simple straightening around the house to make sure everything looks its best.

    Prioritize the bathrooms. The bathroom is one room in the house that you do want to focus attention on. Make sure that all areas are properly cleaned. Also, have it stocked and prepared for your guests. This can be easily done by adding extra fresh hand towels, stocking up on toilet paper, and having a backup hand soap. Add some holiday cheer to the bathroom by lighting a festive candle before guests arrive.

    Be kitchen-ready. Whether you are having a holiday feast or just snacking during the festivities, your kitchen is going to get a lot of use. You want to have it ready for the big day. Start by making sure you have plenty of space on counters for serving food and increase storage space in the refrigerator and cabinets for preparation and leftovers. Make sure that all your dishes and silverware are clean so there is space in your dishwasher as things are used this weekend. Finally, make sure that your freezer and cupboards are stocked with backup food in case people are extra hungry after unwrapping their presents!

    Childproof if needed. Are their little ones coming over this Christmas? Make sure that your home is safe for your smallest guests. Ensure that windows and doors are secure. If necessary, block off stairs that might be hazardous. Go through your kitchen, bathroom, and garage to make sure that toxic items are out of reach and properly stored. Throughout the rest of the home, keep electrical cords tucked away and cover outlets with protective caps.

    Have a welcoming exterior. Now that the inside of your home is ready for family and friends, focus your attention outside. We get a lot of snow in Illinois. You want to ensure that your guests have a safe path to your front door by clearing the snow and adding salt to walkways. Make sure they can see their way by keeping it properly lit. Be sure to place a welcome mat at the front door so everyone can wipe the snow off their feet before entering your home.

    Follow these simple tips over the next couple days so you are ready for the holidays this weekend and can focus on wrapping presents, baking treats, and other festive fun!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holidays!

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