February’s Homeowners To Do List!

    Although the shortest month out of the year, February often feels long with its cold, snowy conditions. Since time can’t be spent outside, it is the perfect time to tackle some of the household projects you have been putting off. Make your Plainfield home warm and cozy for you and your family. Here is our February Homeowner To Do List!

    1. Add warmth! You want to keep your family nice and warm after they get out of the freezing cold outside. Help improve the heating of your home and help your lower your energy bill in the process. Add door snakes or sweeps to take care of drafty doors. Keep doors closed into unused rooms. Ensure that no furniture or clutter is blocking heating vents. Unless you are using your fireplace to keep cozy, keep the flue closed.
    2. Add color with flowers! Now is the perfect time to buy fresh flowers at affordable prices. Bring some spring into your home by adding a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to your home weekly to brighten up the winter days.
    3. Stock your freezer! Eliminate some weekday stress by prepping dinners on the weekends. Make delicious homemade dinners like casserole, chili, soup, and stew that can be frozen and reheated later. Dinner with be a breeze throughout the week. Just add some salad and bread and you are good to go!
    4. Remove excess moisture from the bathroom! You keep your home closed up tight in the winter which causes ventilation issues in the bathroom. This allows for excess moisture to buildup and leads to potential mildew and mold. Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning, paying particular attention to the ceiling, grout, and any other areas with excess moisture.
    5. Update your media area! The cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay indoors with your family and watch some movies! Make your movie watching area extra cozy. Clear away clutter and vacuum. Add comfortable pillows and throws for everyone to cuddle up with. Change the lighting in the room so that it can be dimmed to give the full movie experience. Go through your current movie collection and donate those films you no longer watch.
    6. Organize your bookshelves! Create space on the shelf for new books by pulling those books you currently have that you have already finished or don’t love. Donate or sell these extra books. During your organizing you will likely be reintroduced to some of those great titles you forgot you had. Curl up in a comfy chair with this rediscovered book!
    7. Keep entryway floors clean! Melting snow and road salt are tough on floors. Clear up the clutter in your entryway and give the floor a thorough mopping. Place some old towels in a basket by the door in order to wipe up messes for future visitors. This will cut down on your need to constantly mop.
    8. Clear sidewalks and entryways of snow and ice! Winter causes hazardous walking conditions. Shovel snow promptly and sprinkle gravel or environmentally safe salt on pathways for safe walking. If you have plans to leave town this winter, hire someone to clear your sidewalks and entryway while you are away.
    9. Plan for your future home sale! If putting your home on the market is one of your goals for the year, start the process now! Establish a time table and hire an experienced realtor. Create a list of home projects that need to be done in order for your home to show its very best!

    Angie Faron is the top realtor in the Plainfield area! Contact her for more home maintenance tips to keep your Plainfield home looking its very best! Be sure to read her weekly Blog for helpful information regarding buying, selling, and the local community.

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